Tuesday, 27 December 2011

David Boddington - 1/4 Scale Bleriot XI B - Photos Part 1 - Maiden Flight

After having built the Bleriot over a 2 year period the time came for it to take to the skies! The RCV 120 four stroke had been bench run and was ready to be installed. With the engine and radio control equipment in place the C of G was checked and then re-checked. The plane had to be carefully rigged too. The dihedral was set along with the 'washout'. It is very important to include the washout and to make sure both sides are identical. I had to extend the arms to my incidence meter to span the 559mm cord. When I was satisfied that the rigging was OK all the cable end 'crimps' were made and the model was ready. The rigging wires were then removed from the fuselage pylons and carefully wrapped up and bagged on each wing panel. The rigging time at the field was about about 45 minutes.

The Bleriot in the pits on a glorious sunny day, perfect 'maiden flight'  weather!

The following pictures were taken on the same day. A few general shots of the Bleriot on the ground then some of the Bleriot flying.

 RCV Engine installation - Cowl removed.

Undercarriage - Side view.

Undercarriage - Bottom view.

 Front cockpit showing 1/4 Scale AH Design pilot.

Rear cockpit showing seat detail etc.

  Tail skid detail showing bracing wires and pull springs.

Rear of fuselage showing stabilizer, elevator and rudder.

Underside showing the 'Bomb Drop' bracket.
The bombs were dropped separately.

The above photographs were taken with a 35mm 'film' camera and the images have been scanned for use here. I will be placing more recent digital photographs on my blog that were taken whilst the plane was at my parents house. I am still living out of boxes, LOTS of boxes, very annoying! So thanks to my parents for letting me keep some of my stuff in their garage.

The digital images show many useful 'close-up' shots, so if you are planning on building the 1/4 scale Bleriot XI B by David Boddington you will hopefully find them helpful.

To be continued...

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